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Profilex Access Panels

Profilex Access Panels

Gyproc Profilex Access Panels are designed and built to provide aesthetically pleasing, reliable and total functional solutions to all modern access requirements in walls and ceilings.
Gyproc Profilex metal framed access panels can be supplied fire rated and non-fire rated.
Options also available for:     Different lock styles
                                              Sealed Access Panels
                                              General purpose Handi-Access Panels
                                              Gyptone ceilings (Line 6, Quattro 41 and Quattro 47)
All metal frames and doors supplied White Primer finish, suitable for over-painting.
Three different frame types available to suit specific application requirements.
Frame Types
Beaded Frame
Used in new build and installed prior to finishing of plasterboards.
Suitable for both taped and jointed or skim finished surfaces.
Provides flush finish with no visible framing.
Picture Frame
Ideal for retrofit situations where supporting construction is already finished/decorated.
25mm wide visible surround framing conceals cut edges in supporting construction.
Plaster Frame
Used on walls receiving undercoat and plaster layers. Installed prior to both plastering operations.
Deep profiled framing accomodates 13mm of overall plaster finish.
Provides flush finish with no visible framing.