A New Revolutionary Plasterboard

Habito® is a new revolutionary plasterboard that provides enhanced acoustic performance, impact resistance and direct fixing capabilities.

Key Features

This is the latest addition to the Gyproc performance board range. Designed for use in both the commercial and residential sectors, Habito® provides enhanced sound insulation, impact resistance and, for the first time, a fixing capability.

No need for specialist fixings, with the capability to hang 15kg from one 5mm woodscrew.

Superior resistance and durability meaning it can handle those everyday knocks and bumps.

Enhanced acoustic performance compared to standard plasterboard for more peace and quiet.

Further Information & Resources

Habito Residential Timber Frame Guide
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Habito How to Fix into Flyer
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GypWall Superior Brochure
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Habito Product Data Sheet
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Habito Declaration of Performance
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Habito Material Safety Data Sheet
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