Gyproc Hard Coat

No More Sand & Cement
Gyproc Hard Coat is a Gypsum undercoat plaster that is up to 30% faster to apply than sand and cement.
Use Gyproc Hard Coat on most masonry backgrounds with a final coat of Gyproc Finish Plaster for a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal walls offering excellent impact resistance, air tightness, quick surface drying and a high resistance to efflorescence. Gyproc Hard Coat is a high quality, easier to use alternative to Sand & Cement offering high impact resistance for use on most internal masonry backgrounds.
Key Features & Benefits
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Pre-mixed for guaranteed quality and offers easy handling and less mess
  • Lightweight for rapid application
  • Can be skim finished the same day
  • Compatible with all Gyproc Finish Plasters
  • Improves air tightness and energy efficiency
  • High resistance to efflorescence migration

Why choose Gyproc Plasters?

Gyproc plasters, backed up by a range of compatible, high quality accessories, produce a high quality surface that’s tough and durable. Gyproc plasters meet all customer demands for an aesthetic, low maintenance internal surface finish for a range of standard and specialist applications.
  • High quality surface that's tough & durable
  • Provide an aesthetic, low maintenance surface
  • Suitable for a range of applications
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