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New Gyproc Wallboard Premium Movie

Gyproc Wallboard Premium is an enhanced plasterboard manufactured with a thicker paper liner and reinforced with a higher density gypsum core.

Gyproc Hard Coat Undercoat Plaster – Saves Time All Down the Line!

Discover the benefits of Gyproc's Hard Coat Undercoat Plaster, and how to apply it.

Gyproc Hard Coat Undercoat Plaster - Benefits & How to Apply

Gyproc Hard Coat is a Gypsum based undercoat plaster for use on most masonry backgrounds. In this video, discover its benefits and how to apply it.

Gyproc Glasroc H Tilebacker Installation Video

How to install Gyproc's Glasroc H Tilebacker.

Gyproc Celebrate 75 Years Serving the Irish Construction Industry

2011 was a special year for Gypsum Industries; we celebrated our 75th Anniversary serving the Irish Construction Industry! Watch our story here.

About Gyproc's Glasroc H Tilebacker

This video shows how quick and easy it is to install Gyproc Glasroc H Tilebacker.