CasoLine QUICK-LOCK Corridor System

A corridor ceiling system that combines acoustics, aesthetics and accessibility.

CasoLine QUICK-LOCK GRID Corridor System provides the ideal solution for corridor ceilings. It combines the aesthetics and sound absorption qualities of Gyptone Plank with easy access to services concealed within its plenum.

Key Features

It is quick and easy to install, and provides a demountable system that is easy to remove, replace and even reposition if required.  Gyptone Plank and CasoLine QUICK-LOCK can be easily removed by hand, providing total uninterrupted access to the services above for future maintenance. Component parts include:

  • Main Beam (1830mm) - 1800mm Gyptone Plank
  • Main Beam (2430mm) - 2400mm Gyptone Plank
  • Shadow Moulding Wall Angle – 3000mm

Further Information & Resources

Gyproc Acoustic Ceilings brochure
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