Gyproc Fixings

Suitable for Gyproc Standard, Performance and Specialist Plasterboards

A range of fixings specially designed for use with the Gyproc plasterboard range.

Key Features

Gyproc fixings are available for Gyproc standard, performance and specialist plasterboards and are specially designed for ease of use and to provide a superior finish.  Available in a range of lengths.

  • Gyproc Drywall Screws 
  • Gyproc Jack-Point Screws 
  • Gyproc Collated Drywall Screws 
  • Gyproc Wafer Head Drywall Screws 
  • Gyproc Water Head Jack-Point Screws 
  • Gyproc Rigidur Screws 
  • Glasroc F FireCase Screws 
  • Gyproc Aquaroc Screws 
  • Gyproc SIF Floor Screws 
  • Gyproc Habito Screws 
  • Glasroc X Screws

Metal-to-Metal fixings allow minimum disruption of plasterboard lining.

Board to Metal for fixing plasterboard to Gypframe “C” Studs and Gypframe "I" Stud framing.

Board-to-Timber are ideal for fixing plasterboard to timber framing.

Collated strips are drywall screws ideal for fixing plasterboard to Gypframe studs.

Specialist Fixings have a unique head that countersinks into the board for easy fixing.

Further Information & Resources

Gyproc Fixings MSDS
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