Gyproc OneCoat Plaster

A lightweight, one coat plaster which can be used on most masonry backgrounds

Gyproc OneCoat is easier to spread and less physically demanding than other systems leading to greater speed of use, reducing working time and improving performance on site.

Key Features

Gyproc OneCoat provides a high quality, durable finish with a single application, saving time and labour costs whilst improving the quality of indoor air by removing formaldehyde from the air.

  • Apply at a depth of 13mm for Party Walls to meet Building Regulations – 10mm for non-performance walls
  • Activ’air® formula to improve indoor air quality – removes formaldehyde from the air
  • 3m2 per bag (at 10mm)
  • Only 1 coat required
  • 4-5 hours setting time

Watch the below video to see how to apply Gyproc OneCoat Plaster:









Further Information & Resources

Gyproc OneCoat Declaration of Performance
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Gyproc OneCoat Plaster Material Safety Data Sheet
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Gyproc OneCoat Product Data Sheet
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