Gyptone QUATTRO 41

A Class C sound absorber with a 16% perforated area.

In Geometric design, the square is considered to represent familiarity, security and comfort. These same properties are offered by Gyptone QUATTRO ceilings.

Key Features

Gyptone QUATTRO 41 is used to create large surfaces without visible joints and can be used in conjunction with other Gyptone BIG products. The board has perforations which together with the acoustic backing tissue give good acoustic properties

  • Provides sound insulation performance (Dncw) up to 39dB
  • Reaction to fire: Euroclass A2-s1,d0
  • Gyptone QUATTRO 41 Access Hatch also available to allow easy access to services
  • Tapered edge on all 4 edges leaves a seamless finish
  • Activ’Air® technology included 

Further Information & Resources

Case Study: Apartment Buildings - Corridors, Hallways And Stairwells
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Gyptone QUATTRO 41 Product Data Sheet
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Gyptone Boards Declaration of Performance
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Gyproc Acoustic Ceilings brochure
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Gyptone 12.5mm Environmental Product Declaration
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Gyptone Ceiling Installation Guide
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