CasoLine MF Ceiling System

Suspended ceiling system for internal dry lining applications

The CasoLine MF concealed grid MF suspended ceiling system is a monolithic suspended ceiling system suitable for most internal dry lining applications.

Key Features

CasoLine MF channels and associated accessories are designed for providing seamless suspended ceilings that can be either flat or curved. It can be used in all types of commercial and industrial buildings, including institutional use areas such as schools and hospitals and provides a robust suspended ceiling capable of accepting a degree of loading. The system comprises a concealed metal framework suspended from the structural soffit using strap hangers or angle sections. Gypframe Acoustic Hangers are used to suspend the grid from timber joists to maximise the degree of acoustic isolation. Gyproc plasterboards are screw-fixed to the framework to form a ceiling lining with a seamless surface.

  • High level of design flexibility; bulkheads, gradients, and changes in height can all be fully integrated
  • Services inspection and access points are easily included during design or installation
  • Adaptable metal framing system fully compatible with a wide range of British Gypsum lining solutions to achieve a variety of performances tailored to meet individual project requirements
  • Improvement to acoustic and fire performance can be achieved without the need to access the room above
  • Partition heights can be reduced as the partition channel can be supported by the ceiling framework rather than the soffit
  • Qualifies for SpecSure® lifetime warranty

Further Information & Resources

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