Sound insulating floor system for homes

GypFloor SILENT is a sound insulating floor system designed for use in the residential and commercial sectors without significant increases in floor depth.

Key Features

GypFloor SILENT is an acoustic floor system, specified in residential conversion or improvement work. It upgrades existing timber joist floors to meet the requirements of Building Regulations for separating floors between rooms created by a change of use or conversion.

GypFloor SILENT can also be used in new-build homes for enhanced sound insulation performance of internal floors.

  • Provides a significant uplift in acoustic performance making it an ideal upgrade for transforming a non-performing floor to one that is Building Regulations compliant
  • Adds only 7mm to the existing floor height, minimising the impact on existing fixtures and fittings compared to alternative solutions, such as floating floor systems
  • The transfer of impact noise through floor structure to the room below, for example, impact noise from footfall or furniture movement, is reduced due to the integral neoprene strip located within Gypframe SIF Floor Channels
  • Acoustic performance of the floor is further enhanced by installing Gypframe RB1 Resilient Bar to isolate the ceiling lining from the joists
  • An existing structure can be improved, in terms of both fire and acoustic performance, without requiring extensive alteration, even where access is available from above only
  • Qualifies for SpecSure® lifetime warranty

Further Information & Resources

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