Gypframe CurveLyner Channel

Floor and ceiling channel specially designed for curved walls

Gypframe CurveLyner Channel is a patented version of the 72mm Extra Deep Flange Floor and Ceiling Channel.

Key Features

The Gypframe CurveLyner Channel incorporates a slotted flexible design, making it easy for the installer to set and build curved walls to a minimum radius of 600mm.  GypWall Curve provides a high degree of flexibility and can be used to create imaginative spaces with great aesthetic impact.

  • Suitable for use with all Gypframe 70mm studs when constructing GypWall CURVE partitions
  • Can be installed in cut sections and reversed to form wave and other visually attractive partition systems
  • No need for a curved timber template for laying out

Further Information & Resources

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Metal Guide
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Gypframe CurveLyner Channel MSDS
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Gypframe CurveLyner Channel Product Data Sheet
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Gypframe CurveLyner Channel Declaration of Performance
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