Gypframe Staggered Stud Clips

Versatile spacing clips for positioning and securing studs

Gypframe Staggered Stud Clips are designed for use in the GypWall STAGGERED acoustic partition system for positioning and securing studs.

Key Features

Gypframe STAGGERED Stud Clips are available in SC1 and SC2.

  • Spacing clip used at the head and base of studs in a GypWall STAGGERED system
  • Holds the studs against the sides of the Gypframe Floor and Ceiling Channels to maintain alternate staggered arrangement of studs
  • SC1s used in 60/72 GypWall STAGGERED systems, SC2s used in 92/148 GypWall STAGGERED systems

Further Information & Resources

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Gypframe Staggered Stud Clips MSDS
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