Gypframe Steel Angles

Steel angles for a safer framing edge

Gypframe Steel Angles provide a folded edge angle (FEA1) for use in the CasoLine MF ceiling system.

Key Features

The folded edge is a safer working edge which improves site safety and manual handling, while still providing support, protection, fixing and additional strength to wall, ceiling and encasement framing. There are a range of complementary angle profiles for various applications.

  • FEA1 & GA2 – 25 x 25mm angles, primarily used as the hanging angle in CasoLine MF systems
  • GA3 – 38 x 19mm angle used in the jointing process of Gyproc CoreBoard in ShaftWall systems
  • GA4 – 50 x 25mm angle used to retain the Gyproc Security Sheet in a GypWall SECURE system

Further Information & Resources

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