Metal framed structural steel encasement system.

The GypLyner Encasement System is a steel encasement system which provides a rapid method of cladding structural steel sections to provide up to 180 minutes of fire resistance.

Key Features

GypLyner ENCASE is a fire protection system capable of providing up to 180 minutes fire resistance to structural steel columns and beams. Installation is quick and easy due to the use of simple clip fixings to secure the framing sections. The system will protect all universal column and beam sections with flange thicknesses between 6mm and 28mm. GypLyner ENCASE will also protect many joist sections, portal frames, and castellated beam sections. It can be used in any type of building where encasement to structural steel is required.

  • Reduced installation time due to the simple, clip-on framing system with GypLyner ENCASE
  • Misalignment of structural steelwork can be accommodated by the versatile framing system to ensure the lining is straight and true
  • Improved acoustic performance as a result of the boards being fixed into a framework rather than directly into the steel beam or column
  • Damage to GypLyner ENCASE is more easily identifiable when compared to other fire protection systems such as intumescent paint

Further Information & Resources

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