GypLyner IWL

Independent wall lining system

The GypLyner metal frame wall lining system is a cost-effective, virtually independent metal framed system with dry internal lining.

Key Features

GypLyner IWL independent wall lining is a lightweight, non-loadbearing system, which is built independently of the external wall construction. GypLyner IWL is particularly suitable for buildings where fixing into the background is difficult or not possible. The lining provides fire resistance and acoustic upgrades to structural steel sections clad with lightweight metal sheeting, and can also be used in within new or existing masonry walls to increase sound insulation and meet stringent thermal performance requirements.

  • Totally independent from wall with fixings to floor and soffit only, particularly suitable for basements with waterproof tanking
  • Any surface irregularities within the external wall construction are completely removed through the totally independent framework
  • Services are easily incorporated within the framework with no limitation to the cavity size that can be created
  • Minimal thermal bridging due to the use of a totally independent framework
  • Provides a high-performance option to achieve enhanced acoustic performance and fire protection to steel, in one lining solution
  • Qualifies for SpecSure® lifetime warranty

Further Information & Resources

GypLyner IWL
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