Gyproc Airtite Quiet

Parge coat for improved air tightness and energy efficiency when drylining

Gyproc Airtite Quiet plaster enhances the acoustic performance and energy efficiency of your construction projects.

Key Features

Gyproc Airtite Quiet is specially formulated to achieve high levels of air tightness in modern dwellings. It is specifically formulated as a parge coat to reduce air permeability and to seal background surfaces to enhance sound insulation when drylining.

  • Improves air tightness and energy efficiency
  • Enhances sound insulation
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • High levels of coverage applied at 6mm thickness

Further Information & Resources

Gyproc Airtite Quiet Product Data Sheet
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Gyproc Plaster Selector Guide
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Gyproc Airtite Quiet Material Safety Data Sheet
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Artite Quiet Declaration of Performance
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