Gyproc Sealant

Sealant and adhesive for optimal sound insulation

Gyproc Sealant is an acrylic sealant and adhesive used for sealing air gaps in Gyproc systems to maintain optimal acoustic performance.

Key Features

Gyproc Sealant is used for sealing air paths to reduce air-leakage and optimise sound insulation performance. It also has excellent adhesive qualities and benefits from being water-based rather than solvent-based. It can also be used for fixing Gyproc plasterboards in the DriLyner RF system and Gyproc ThermaLine laminates in the DriLyner MF system.

  • 1 litre mastic gun is also available for use with Gyproc Sealant

Further Information & Resources

Gyproc Sealant MSDS
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Gyproc Sealant Declaration of Performance
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