Gyptone BIG Activ'Air® Boards

Ceiling boards for large surfaces

The Gyptone BIG Activ'Air® acoustic ceiling board range is designed to improve the acoustic climate and air quality in commercial, education, and healthcare environments.

Key Features

A choice of six attractive perforated designs, coupled with an integral sound absorbent tissue backing, make Gyptone BIG Activ'Air® acoustic ceiling boards the natural choice for creating the ideal concealed framing acoustic ceiling system.

The ceilings reduce formaldehyde levels, reverberation time, and improve speech intelligibility in a given room. The Gyptone BIG Activ'Air® acoustic ceilings range allow you to create large ceiling surfaces without visible joints. Only the oblong, hexagonal or square perforations are visible.

  • Activ'Air® can reduce formaldehyde concentrations by up to 70%
  • Gyptone Big Line 7 boards can be used in curved applications
  • Available in a range of perforated boards
  • Sound absorbing up to Class C, NRC 0.75, ᵃѡ0.75
  • Can be decorated in any colour
  • Conforms to the maximum Class A BREEAM rating

Further Information & Resources

Gyptone Board Layout
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Environmental Product Declaration, EPD®: Gyptone BIG Boards 12,5mm
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