Rigitone Activ'Air® Boards

Ceiling boards of seamless design and performance

Rigitone Activ'Air® is a range of distinctive acoustic ceiling boards which offer unique, continuous patterning of decorative perforations.

Key Features

With six individual patterns available, including regular and random design options, Rigitone Activ'Air® acoustic ceilings offer the perfect combination of acoustic performance and creativity. Rigitone Activ'Air® is a completely seamless and monolithic ceiling system that is fixed to the CasoLine MF Ceiling System, completely removing any framing from sight. It uses an innovative technology to improve indoor air quality by permanently removing formaldehyde from the air. The Activ’Air® technology provides for healthier living, learning and working environments.

Rigitone Activ'Air® boards are assembled in a jointless ceiling system, giving the ceiling a homogeneous and architecturally pleasing appearance.

  • Activ'Air® can reduce formaldehyde concentrations by up to 70%
  • Completely seamless and monolithic appearance
  • Suitable for all areas with up to 70% humidity
  • Acoustic performance up to Class C, NRC 0.90, ᵃѡ0.70 (LM)
  • Can be decorated in any colour
  • Conforms to the maximum Class A BREEAM rating

Further Information & Resources

Rigitone Board Layout
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