High performance plaster bonding agent

ThistleBond-it is a high performance plaster bonding agent, specially formulated for use on smooth and / or low suction backgrounds to provide an adequate key.

Key Features

ThistleBond-it requires only one coat and works best when followed by Gyproc Bonding Coat and a Gyproc finishing plaster (either Gyproc Carlite Finish or Gyproc Skimcoat). ThistleBond-it is coloured light green to help you identify backgrounds to which it has been applied. Apply with a roller for best results.

  • Bonding agent for pre-treatment of smooth and / or low suction backgrounds
  • Contains aggregate to provide a mechanical as well as chemical key
  • Green in colour - so it's easy to see where it's been applied
  • Applied in one coat, by roller or brush, and plastered when dry
  • Approximately 45m² coverage per 10 litre tub

Further Information & Resources

Gyproc Plaster Selector Guide
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ThistleBond-it Product Data Sheet
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Gyproc ThistleBond-It Safety Data Sheet
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