Rigitone Inspection Hatches

Offers unobtrusive access to a matching Rigitone acoustic board

Designed to fit seamlessly into Rigitone acoustic ceilings.

Key Features

Rigitone Inspection Hatches are supplied as a complete set of frame and hatch and are available in Rigitone 8/18, Rigitone 8/18Q, Rigitone 12-20/66, Rigitone 12/25 and Rigitone 12/25Q. For Rigitone 8-15-20 SUPER, due to the irregular scattered perforations, the inspection hatch is supplied without a board insert as it has to be cut from the corresponding ceiling section. The access hatches offer the following benefits:

  • Fully integrated into the design of the ceiling
  • Ready to fix, fill and paint
  • High quality and speed of installation
  • Activ’Air® technology included 

Further Information & Resources

Rigitone Inspection Hatch Installation Guide
1.54 MB
Gyproc Acoustic Ceilings brochure
5.25 MB