Case Study

Croke Park Stadium, Dublin

Gilroy McMahon Architects
The Gaelic Athletic Association

Project Background

The redevelopment of Croke Park was undertaken in part due to the need to increase capacity of the stadium. The completed boxes, with their panoramic views are modern, bright and spacious. The finished hallway is an excellent example of how the finished interior creates a modern comfortable environment. The stylish boxes optimise the space available to customers, with panoramic views of the pitch.

The Challenge

Regulatory requirements made it necessary for designers to provide protection to the structural steel sections. Aesthetics and acoustics had to be balanced in order for the hospitality suites and corporate boxes to provide an aesthetic appeal, while maintaining a suitable level of sound separation. The corporate box level created a number of structural challenges as it is effectively a long “closed-in” tunnel, hung from the underside of the top tier of the stand. The lobby areas were required to have decorative ceiling finishes incorporating contemporary lighting features. As always, with such a large, traffic-heavy building, fire protection was also of concern.

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The Approach

Gyproc FireLine plasterboards were used as part of the encasement system, to offer the required level of protection to the structural steel sections. Fire protection was provided to structural elements by enclosing the steel in Gyproc partitions and lining with the necessary number of layers of Gyproc FireLine board. The structural challenges of the corporate box level necessitated the creative use of Gyproc systems – as deflection of ceilings, walls and beams was a major consideration.
The corporate box and lobby areas were constructed using Gypwall partition systems incorporating Gyproc DuraLine plasterboards for increased levels of impact resistance. The partitions formed the shell of the various corporate boxes, incorporating the elegant lines of the structural concrete. The ceilings and associated light troughs and bulkheads were formed by use Gypframe CasoLine MF Ceiling frameworks and lined with Gyproc WallBoards