Gypframe Metal

Performance and Support - that’s our winning formula

Strong and yet lightweight, Gypframe components offer guaranteed performance and long life, giving you peace of mind.

Manufactured using our patented UltraSTEEL® process, our metal profiles provide greater strength, make fixing easier and help to improve screw retention and pull-out by up to 20%.

Up to 50% lighter than equivalent timber systems, and up to 70% lighter than blockwork, Gypframe metal products are easy to transport and install. They can be cut on site, stored outside and installed in any weather, making scheduling work simple and efficient.

Gyproc technical and specification teams will support your construction projects with expert advice, accompanied by an unparalleled 25-year warranty*.

We offer market leading support services such as:


To use Gyproc Systems on your next project, contact our Technical Team.

ROI: Free Phone: 1800 744480

NI: Free Phone: 0845 3990159


*25 year warranty subject to using a complete Gyproc System and in line with the T&C's of the ProjectSure® warranty.