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Gyproc Introduces Front & Edge of Board Identification Features

Posted on 26.02.2024 - updated on: 04.06.2024
Plasterboard Printing

Gyproc is excited to announce the launch of front and edge printing on our plasterboards.

Feedback from recent Customer Satisfaction Surveys highlighted the importance of easy plasterboard identification, whether in merchant warehouses or on-site.

The new printing displays crucial information, including the Gyproc name and logo, the type of board (WallBoard, SoundBloc, FireLine, etc.), and the thickness (12.5mm, 15mm).

With an increasing focus on compliance and building safety, this enhanced identification feature simplifies the process for project teams and approved certifiers to identify plasterboard types after installation.


Front of board

Gyproc's front and edge printed boards will start appearing in the market over the coming days. We look forward to your feedback on this new feature.

Edge of Board