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Buildings of a better quality

Posted on 08.04.2023 - updated on: 17.04.2023
  • Ageing building stock in developed countries: growing needs for renovation

  • Goal to make buildings last: by using reliable materials, that will maintain performance over time

  • Climate change means increasing risk of natural hazards: new buildings must be built accordingly

  • Need to take into account what the final customer, the occupant, will want: variety of aesthetics (colors, shapes, architecture, ...)

  • How to improve the quality of buildings: by focusing on reliability and finishing-aesthetics

Guaranteeing reliability

  • Need to be sure that materials used will protect the building from deteriorating quickly

  • Safety of occupants also essential

  • 3 main drivers: 

    • Guaranteed quality: choose solutions with 3rd-party certifications, that meets norms requirements

    • Long-lasting solutions: improve the lifespan of the building by selecting carefully the solutions, for example with warranty and certifications

    • Dedicated solutions including fire safety/protection: choose solutions matching the constraints of the building: anti-seismic, anti-bullet, fire safety, X-ray protection, etc

Paying attention to finishing and aesthetics

  • Increasing importance for harmony and quality of life for architects and occupants

  • Development of new construction process allows more freedom in building's design

  • 3 main drivers: 

    • Variety of colors and finishes

    • Versatility of shapes

    • Wide architectural possibilities

How we contribute

  • Saint-Gobain solutions are available to take action on those drivers

  • Reliability: all our products are designed to be reliable and of high quality. We also have dedicated solutions for fire protection, plasterboards with specific properties, etc
  • Finishing-aesthetics: textured and design renders, tailored made shape glass, design and color grouts, etc