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Community Update – 14.12.2021

Posted on 14.12.2021 - updated on: 16.04.2024

14th December 2021


Gyproc continues to monitor the area’s that relate to the Drumgossatt mine workings as part of our ongoing safety management program. We hope this program provides reassurance to the community that our focus on the mine workings continues to be a priority. A routine survey on the 13th December has noted a surface depression on Gyproc lands, not close to any private homes, public infrastructure or bordering roads. This depression is 294 meters from the nearest road, which is the R179, and 222 meters from the nearest dwelling. It presents no risk to public infrastructure and the area has been fenced off with the necessary signage in place.  In keeping with best practice, we have notified all relevant Governmental and County Council authorities. We will continue to monitor and survey the area and provide updated information on any developments to keep people informed.



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