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Community Update on the Magheracloone Subsidence Incident – 20.01.2020

Posted on 20.01.2020 - updated on: 16.04.2024

20th January 2020


During a routine inspection on the morning of Saturday 18th January 2020, it was noted that the crownhole on Gyproc owned lands that originally occurred in August 2019, approximately 350 meters from the nearest dwelling, had experienced a subsidence and settlement of the freshly infilled material that was used to backfill the crownhole in 2019. 


While this subsidence may appear similar to the original crownhole from August 2019, this is not a new crownhole, it is the subsidence of material that was used to backfill the original crownhole.


The area is located entirely within Gyproc owned lands and is not close to any private homes, public infrastructure or bordering roads (it is located 280 metres north of the R179, 350 metres from the nearest dwelling). Gyproc is confident it poses no risk to the public. In keeping with best practice, we have notified all relevant Governmental and County Council authorities. We will continue to monitor and survey the area and provide updated information from surveys in the coming days to the relevant authorities and to keep people informed.


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