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Planning Permission – New GAA Pitch 25.01.2021

Posted on 25.01.2021 - updated on: 16.04.2024

25th January 2021


Following the submission of an application for a new playing pitch, dressing room and parking facilities on a new site for Magheracloone GAA, planning permission has been granted by Monaghan County Council. Gyproc and Magheracloone GAA held a shared ambition to shorten the time period between the club moving from temporary facilities to a permanent home playing pitch. This permission will fast track the development of a home pitch to play matches and train for the club. The proposed site for the new playing pitch is on land owned by Gyproc. This application was made following consultation with Magheracloone GAA Club to expedite the time between the club moving from a temporary to permanent playing pitch.


General Update

  • It is important to state that full replacement of all GAA and Community Centre facilities will be restored to the Magheracloone area irrespective of the outcome of any future mining planning applications and we remain committed to the wider community we have been a part of for over 80 year's


  • Remediation of the original site of the 2018 subsidence and any subsequent crownholes was fully completed and landscaped during 2020. A monitoring system, using extensometers, is in place for the R179 and the LP4900


  • We continue to monitor and survey the area and provide updated information from surveys to the relevant authorities when necessary. There has been no further crownholes over the Drumgossatt mine workings since April 2020


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